Alan Dunlop Agricultural Machinery Balloo, Killinchy, County Down, Northern Ireland
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Standen Engineering

STANDEN ENGINEERING LTD is a British manufacturing company located in East Anglia, specialising in the design, development and manufacture of field machinery for potato growers, and a wide range of other root crops. The company employes a skilled workforce of around 75 persons.

STANDEN ENGINEERING LTD designs, develops, manufactures and markets STANDEN-PEARSON Potato Systems field machinery. Manufactured products include rotary tillers, bed formers, soil separators, potato planters, potato toppers, potato harvesters and advanced technology star separation units for harvester or in-store grading line applications.

STANDEN-PEARSON Star Technology has revolutionised soil separation and harvesting in recent years. Advanced, long lasting, enegy absorbing polymer compounds developed to create a range of stars to enhance soil separation performance. Harvesting also benefits; stars provide extremely gentle crop transfers, and highly efficient clod, weed and stone separation.

Alan Dunlop Agricultural Machinery, Balloo, Killinchy, County Down, Northern Ireland, BT23 6TA
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